Medicine, health

Ground-breaking biomedical research, professional education, teaching, and training.

Advanced agriculture

Our science is inspired by nature : we grow extraterrestrial species to produce the molecules we use in our future drugs.

Xeno Biology

Study of the biology of extraterrestrial lifeforms not native to Earth.


Scientific study of all aspects of extraterrestrial life, intelligence, and civilization.


To infini and beyond...theoretical and observational astrophysics : infrared, optical, and radio astronomy; galactic structure and dynamics of stellar systems; high-energy astrophysics and cosmology; and spectroscopy.


The Chemistry Department emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches to solving real-world problems in areas such as sustainability, alternative fuels and energy, bio-detection, materials, nanomedicines and water quality assessment.


The Wyrd industries Physics Department offers research programs that are well-funded, diverse, and provide a breadth of learning and teaching experience. The department is specializing in condensed matter, nuclear, high-energy, atomic, bio-, and astrophysics. The Physics Department also houses unique experimental facilities such as the Nuclear Accelerator Laboratory and the High Magnetic Field Laboratory.

Data processing

To be the Primary source of Information and Communication Technology for UEE, through the efficient and innovative use of Technology and the provision of an environment through which information technology is monitored and the data activities of agencies coordinated.


Enhance weapon automatization systems on warships with better artificial intelligence.Imagine the power armor of tomorrow that multiplies human strength.